Regina Himmelbauer, Prof. Mag.(FH) MMag.

Contact: regina.himmelbauer (at) haydnkons.at

Homepage: www.deliciae.at




    • Master of Arts in music pedagogy and instrumental music pedagogy from the University of Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna
    • Study of audio engineering at the University of Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna
    • Study of instrumental pedagogy (BI) with Rudolf Hofstötter; Austrian State Teacher’s Examination with Honors
    • Study of instrumental pedagogy (IGPII) with Rudolf Hofstötter; Master of Arts with Honors
    • Diverse master classes with Hans Maria Kneihs (Vienna) and Pedro Memelsdorff (Bologna); after graduation with members of the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, among others
    • Study of medium-size corporate management at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna, Master of Arts with Honors



    Pedagogical and scholarly experience:

      • Recorder studio, lectures in music history and cultural studies, seminars in pedagogy for future music school teachers, at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory Eisenstadt
      • Organization of congresses (e.g. "9th International Congress of Women in Music – Female Music Rush Hour" 1995) and invitations to congresses in music pedagogy and music history (the Netherlands, Spain, USA, Germany, Sweden, and Italy, among others); publication of lectures for congresses in various areas; organization of the EU project "Haydn, the Progressive"
      • Jury member for "Prima la musica" at provincial and federal levels; member of the Jury des Preises der deutschen Schallplattenkritik in the area of productions for children and youth
      • Publishing activities (e.g. compilation of the teaching aid "Buben sind so – sind sie so? Informationen und Materialien zur schulischen and außerschulischen Bubenarbeit" for the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and the Arts in cooperation with Mag. Monika Dundler)
      • Scholarly publications (e.g. "Vom wilden Lernen", Schott Verlag)
      • Since 2007: International Relations Coordinator of the Joseph Haydn Conservatory
      • Co-founder and co-organisator of the "Burgenländische Blockflötentage" ("Recorder Day of the State of Burgenland")



      Artistic Experience:

      • Founder of the ensemble "Deliciae", scholarly research, creation of concert programs, moderation of concerts, incorporation of her own musical settings, concerts in Italy, Germany, Austria